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What Do you Do All Day

I was wondering, what do you do all day while your Daddy is at work? Any ideas that don’t include watching My Little Pony all day and texting him? That just seems to be all I do, and I would love to hear how you pass the time. ~ Anna

This is the hard truth: Daddies have to work. He can’t spend every waking moment giving cuddles and playing with stuffies; even if that would make you squeal with delight. He has the very important job of being the provider. He is not only responsible for providing for your safety, love, protection, discipline, and structure; He must also provide for you financially. Keeping you clothed, fed, and warm costs money. Not only is this good for you, it is good for Him. A man gets His validation through success and respect. Those two things do not come easy (or free). A lot of hard work, time, and sacrifice go into attaining that goal. For Him to be diligent and obtain success and respect, He needs your support and encouragement. This means you may have a lot of time on your hands not being with Him.

With all of that time, you can either waste it away watching cartoons and coloring or be submissive and serve your Daddy. i am NOT saying never color or watch tv…no no no. i am saying use your time wisely. While He is away working using His time to provide for you, it gives you the perfect opportunity to use your time to provide for Him. Providing Him with a clean home, a clean bed, and a warm meal will show Him how much you love Him, but He will also see the sacrifice you made for His benefit. He will feel respected by you and successful in raising such a good little girl.

For me, i try to spend my time serving Daddy. i start out the day by taking the dogs out, make Him breakfast, lay out His clothes for the day while He showers, make a list of what i want to accomplish for the day (and ask for His approval), and kiss Him goodbye. Once Daddy is at work, i work on my list for the day and start crossing everything off. i take breaks if there is time in between tasks to color or watch a show, or have a little snack. And if i need it, i take a small nap. Once my list is done, i am basically free to do whatever i want. Knowing i served Him relaxes me and gives me pride. When Daddy is almost done with work, i start dinner or pull out dinner items for us to cook together, freshen my makeup and hair so i look good for Him, and wait at the door to greet Him. He likes me waiting on my knees when He walks in if it is possible.

i would recommend talking to your Daddy and asking Him what would He like done before He gets home. What things can you do during the day that will take stress off of Him. He will feel needed and cared for, and you will feel successful and proud that you get to be the one to help Him out after all the things He’s done for you all day. Once He gives you a few things to work on, you can look (daily) for other ways that maybe He doesn’t even know to ask for help with. Something as simple as having clean, fresh-pressed clothes ready to go every day. Or a fresh towel set out for His shower. Simple things often speak the loudest. Doing something for Him that He is used to doing Himself everyday will be a reminder that you care about Him.

i really hope this helped and answered your question. Also, i realize that not every relationship works the same as ours, and some littles have to work or go to school; and there is nothing wrong with that. Every dynamic is different, and i am only speaking from ours. We would love to hear comments and opinions of how you spend your day as a little or a Daddy! xoxo

Example List of my Typical Day

  • Cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Wash, fold, iron and put away Daddy’s clothes
  • Clean and organize the house
  • Take care of the dogs: feed, water, bathe, walk and train
  • Grocery shop
  • Run errands
  • Help Daddy with work projects
  • Take care of kids: doctor appointments, school, homework, play-dates, and snacks
  • Plan meals
  • Coordinate our social calendar
  • Plan outings and trips
  • Write greeting cards for holidays and family birthdays
  • Asking Daddy if i can leave the house
  • Letting Daddy know when i arrive and leave from a destination
  • Send Daddy love texts
  • Have “little” time to relax
  • Research and work on our blog!!

Example of Things Daddy Takes Care Of

  • Take out trash
  • Maintain cars
  • Maintain the structure of our home
  • Bills and working
  • Kill spiders
  • Make phone calls or interact with people if i’m uncomfortable or anxious
  • Check for monsters under the bed at bedtime
  • Make sure all the doors and windows are locked at night
  • Escort me through scary situations or on walks together at night
  • If time, help with dogs and dinner
  • Have “Big” time to relax
  • Send me love texts
  • Research and work on our blog!!

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