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What is DD/lg to me

What is DD/lg to me?

i say this all the time, the best part of DD/lg and D/s is that everything (rules, descriptions, opinions, etc) are all subjective. Every person is different, and every relationship is different. Trying to put people into a box that is one-size-fits-all would be impossible, and would leave everyone feeling insecure and vulnerable. i see people on other blogs and forums asking so many questions about whether or not they fit in. Here’s a perfect example that i found, “my Daddy and i like to play rough in the bedroom, and i like pain during sex. Can i still be a little?” Of course she can. Being little is about who you are, and not some title given to those who qualify and meet special criteria. The whole world of BDSM is subjective. All the information you will ever find, including this post, is someone’s opinion, and not fact based on science. No test can be taken to prove that you are a Dom or a little, or any other title found in the BDSM world. Just be who you are, and find the title that “best” describes how you feel about yourself and your relationship. You are the only (and best) judge. All of that being said, here is my opinion on what DD/lg is to me!

to-meDD/lg is very similar to D/s, but in a lighter form. All of the basics still apply; submission, dominance, guidance, discipline, protection, etc. The biggest difference is that in a DD/lg relationship, the sub has an “inner little” at her core. i have found that people who identify as little have felt “little” their whole lives, and were too afraid to let it out in fear of rejection or misunderstanding…until they find the BDSM community. A Dom who identifies as a Daddy often prefers a more “Fatherly” role, than a Dominating Master. Don’t get me wrong, a Daddy is still Dominating, but in a gentle loving way. In the DD/lg dynamic, more often than not, age-play is a part of the relationship. The Daddy cares for His little as if she were His own, and encourages her to let her little out, and He will protect her with His life. The power exchange is more like a Daddy/daughter relationship. He is her Hero, and everything must be approved by Him. It is also less-strict in the sense that a little is allowed to make mistakes, and the Daddy corrects her as if she were a small child. Discipline is enforced and is generally lighter: spankings, time-outs, grounding, etc. The Daddy sets rules and boundaries to protect His little girl from harm and bad decisions. He also rewards good behavior by giving her prizes and love.

to-me-1Being in a DD/lg relationship is AWESOME! It gives you a chance to be your truest self. Pick all of the best parts for you and your relationship and explore. Some things may be good, and some may be amazing, and some may just not be for you. Ask questions, research, and have fun. It is important to remember that DD/lg is NOT wrong, and is not about incest or pedophilia. The Daddy is very much attracted to the adult woman, who is vulnerable and open, who has a child-like innocence. He is attracted to the woman needing Him and submitting to Him. He is attracted to the idea of caring for and guiding His little blossom. He is attracted to being respected by a woman who wants to be His little girl. Age play and role play are often a part of this lifestyle. Incest role play can be a part of that, and should not be shamed. Everyone has their own kinks, and if its between two consenting adults (18+), then more power to you!

i am curious what DD/lg is to you! Please comment and give me your opinions!!

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2 thoughts on “What is DD/lg to me”

  1. Lola says:

    Being little to me is something that makes me feel like my true self. Before i knew about the DDLG dynamic, i already did a lot of the behaviors that now would be deemed ‘little.’ i change my voice quite a lot so it goes higher, i point my toes inwards when i feel i’ve been naughty, i pretty much cry any time anyone raises their voice to me (past employers have loved that about me), i ask for help if i can’t reach something and the best bit is, it isn’t all an act, it’s what i’m actually like! i never got the chance to really be little when i was growing up, if anything, i put on the parent hat more than my mum did, we were more like siblings although she loved me very very much. i’ve always been the problem solver of the family, the one they turn to when they need advice or need to talk and as i got older, i loved the fact that they felt comfortable enough to talk to me about things but i found the pressure of it too much. i needed time where i felt i could be looked after, where i could be vulnerable and protected and i just didn’t have it, it felt very one-sided to me. Then Daddy and i became a couple and all of the things i ever wanted, just, happened. i felt loved and safe and protected and like i had someone to go to when i needed advice, when i needed guidance and when i needed love. i didn’t have to have all the answers and my ‘little side’ could come out without fear of being chastised or mocked. And it turned out, all Daddy had ever wanted was a little girl to look after and all i had ever wanted was a Daddy to look after me, and we found such a dynamic together. Being little to me isn’t an act, it’s taking parts of my personality i don’t show all the time and sharing them with the one person who loves me most.

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      That’s such an awesome story! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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