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What to do When Your little Gets Sick

Your little girl is probably used to keeping you on your toes and busy, but sometimes they get sick and need to slow down a bit. Today, My little princess is sick. She has a horrible migraine and I have her tucked away in a dark room where she can rest. Sure, she would rather be up playing and doing other things, but it’s for her own good.

Here are some ideas for when your little girl is sick:

  1. Snacks and juice in bed
    Whether it be juice boxes and goldfish crackers, or candy, she’ll love it when you set her up nice and comfy in bed. Remember, lots of fluids to help keep her hydrated.
  2. Stuffies!
    If your little is anything like Mine, she loves her stuffies. They’ll be there to cuddle and comfort her (even when you cannot), and they’ll keep her company. Something about a stuffed animal just calms her right down…every time.
  3. Favorite movie
    princess loves Disney movies, and can’t get enough of them. In her case, light is affecting her badly today, so maybe turn down the volume or brightness to suit your situation.
  4. Take time to check up on her
    She’s not feeling well, and she needs her Daddy. If she has a fever, she won’t be thinking right. That’s where you come in! Be sure to sneak in and check up on her regularly. Your little girl will think you’re the best Daddy in the world, and won’t soon forget it.
  5. Good books
    If she’s a reader, she might appreciate a good book or two. If you have time to read it to her, that’s even better!
  6. Bubble bath
    They always seem to love bath time. Run a bath for your little (not too  hot), and bring in some toys that she likes to play with in the tub. Don’t forget the bubbles!
  7. Patience
    It can be difficult to care for someone sick and grumpy, but be patient. Your little needs you, and it’s up to you to keep her feeling better until she REALLY feels better. You’ll uplift her spirits and she’ll love how you stayed the course through one of her more difficult times.
  8. Lots and lots (and lots) of sleep
    It’s no mystery, but she’s probably exhausted. The movies and stuffies in bed are fun, but at some point she’ll really just need a good, long nap. Don’t underestimate sleep. She needs it

What are some ideas you put into action when your little is sick? If you’re a little yourself, what are your favorite sick memories with your Daddy?

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4 thoughts on “What to do When Your little Gets Sick”

  1. Daddyspoiledbrat says:

    My Daddy tucks me into bed, checks my temperature, brings me a snack with lots of juice boxes, reads me a story, kisses me on the forehead, and tells me it’s time to go night night. When I wake up Daddy comes in with a fresh washcloth for my face and neck and he brings me a snack. Daddy says I need to eat and drink to give my body the strength it needs to get better. I’ll admit Daddy is the best Daddy ever. He takes such good care of me when I’m sick.

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      you sound like one lucky little!!! xoxo

      1. Daddyspoiledbrat says:

        i thought so too until today. Daddy said he was no longer my Daddy ant to call him Sir. He said His princess is now His slave and must obey. I miss my Daddy. :`(

      2. Daddy's princess says:

        i am so sorry that happened to you. Please talk with your Daddy ad let Him know that you are unhappy with the direction your relationship is going. Both people should be fulfilled from this relationship. xoxo

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