When Your little Wants to Play…But You Can’t

As Daddy’s, I think we’ve all been there. Your little wants to play, or is desperately reaching out for attention, but you have to work. She’ll pout, stomp her feet, make silly faces at you, text-bomb you…there is no end to the cunning and craft she’ll employ in an attempt to sway you from your responsibilities. It’s even harder when she puts on something sexy that she knows Daddy likes (our kryptonite), in hopes of getting you to drop what you’re doing to pay attention to her.

I know this all too well. It’s hard being a Daddy sometimes, and this is one of the toughest judgment calls I have to make. The BDSM, darker side of Me sometimes wants to just tie her up in a chair, gag her little mouth, and just leave her there until I’m ready to play. Sure…I’d love to halt whatever it is I’m working on and spend the day with her. To play hooky. But that’s not always possible, since it’s up to Me to pay the bills and make sure My little angel has everything that she needs.

So what are we Daddy’s to do?

Here are a few ideas for you to put to the test when your little wants 100% of your attention, but maybe not possible for you to give 100%:

  1. Put on her favorite movie
    My little princess loves Tangled, Frozen, and The Lorax. Whatever you’re little girl’s favorite movie is, she’ll almost certain jump at the chance to watch it again…even if she’s seen it 1,000 times already.Not sure what to pick? There are a number of perfect movies for your little girl to choose from!
  2. Make her a bath
    Playing in the tub is fun! And running her a bath will ensure about 20-30 minutes of distraction to keep her playing on her own. It doesn’t hurt to give her bath tub crayons to extend her fun in the tub.
  3. Set her stuffies up for a tea party
    Stuffies are her friends when you can’t be. If your little is anything like Mine, she’s named each and every one of her stuffed buddies. Pick a few of her favorite littler-littles and brew some tea for her to have a great big tea party!
  4. Give her a picture to color
    Our littles love to color, and are super-excited to show their finished work to their Daddy. Pull out her favorite coloring book and some crayons, and set up a special place for her at the table (or at your feet) and send her into creative mode. You’d be surprised at what she’ll come up with. Bonus points for hanging her finished art project on the wall next to your desk.
  5. Nap time for your little princess
    If she’s cranky, or just plain bored out of her little mind, sometimes a nap is just what she needs. Find her favorite stuffie, tuck her in nice and tight, check under the bed for monsters, and maybe put on her favorite movie. Don’t forget to kiss her on the forehead!

If those don’t do the trick, try letting her help out!

In terms of what I do for a living, princess knows a great deal about it. In our case, she’s able to help out and pitch in. If I’m able to finish My work faster…we get to spend time together sooner. Whatever it is that you’re doing which requires focus and attention, whether making dinner or doing yard work, if there’s a way to include your little girl in what you’re doing…do it. Even if it’s only a small job, she’ll appreciate the extra time spent with you, and will feel successful. Just like her Daddy!

So, there you have it. It’s not that we don’t “want” to spend 100% of our time together; we’d love to. But sometimes you just can’t, or it’s difficult. And it’s out of love and respect that you forge ahead to do what you do best. Provide and care for your little girl.

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