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Why Things Hurt Just A little Bit More

When you are little everything that hurts, hurts just a little worse. It makes everything that is scary, just a little more frightening. It makes everything that is hard, just a little harder (ok maybe a little pun intended there hehe). Seriously though, it is important for Daddies to remember that their little is sensitive and that is a huge part of what You love about us. You as the Daddy get to be the strong one, who gets to rescue His little over and over and over. You are the one with all the power. You are needed. You are the Hero.

Everything encountered, good and bad, goes straight to Your littles heart. You, as the Daddy, are the logical one and things process in Your head before You ever allow them to get to Your heart. It is extremely important to be sensitive to Your littles feelings and needs. Your words hurt the deepest. You are the moon in her sky. You are her everything. What You say by default is truth and she believes and trusts You emphatically. So if You say she is bad, to her core she believes that is truth.

To be clear i am not talking about the times when she is actually needing redirection and punishment. i am talking about when You are having a bad day and You take it out on Your little. Not only does she get hurt, she gets confused. She doesn’t understand what she did wrong, but it must  be true because Daddy says so. When You say “you look ok” while she shows off her new dress. Even though You are just stressed and trying to get out the door, she feels pushed off and unimportant. she needed You to stop what You are doing and look deep into her big brown, desperately seeking Daddy’s approval eyes and tell her, “Wow princess, you are going to make all the other guys jealous of your Daddy. you are absolutely gorgeous. I am such a lucky Guy.” her heart,mind, body, and soul are going to explode with happiness and complete infatuation for You. If You say she is the prettiest girl in the room, it must be true because Daddy said so.

You are her Hero. She needs You and Your approval. she also needs Your protection. Your words are not the only ones that makes their way into her fragile heart. her family, friends, co-workers, and just people encountered throughout her day can really cause damage. When she comes crying to You at night, because Anna said something mean or the lady at the checkout line got frustrated because she couldn’t decide what color lollipop she wanted, be there for her. Don’t just sit there and hold her. Your words have the power to trump anything those bullies said. Tell her how amazing and smart she is. That Anna from work is just jealous of her. That the checkout woman was wrong to act that way and You are going to call the store and tell them just that. Remind her that Daddy is going to save the day. It must be true because Daddy says so.

Like i said this isn’t a post about when Your little acts up and needs a spanking. That is a whole other discussion. This is purely about how words cut Your little deeper than You know. she is fragile. she needs her Daddy to keep her safe. You always want Your little to run to You for her safety, not hide inside herself under her blankie. You don’t want to be the jerk that makes her cry into her teddy bear. You want and crave her admiration. You get to be the Knight that kills all the scary mean dragons. You are the Hero.

To my Daddy:
Thank You for all the times You rescued me. For all the times You held me when i cried and fixed everything. You are my Hero. Thank You for Your patience and love. i need You always. i couldn’t make it through this scary world, if i didn’t have You to hide behind. i am sorry for all the times i spoke up and told the bullies that my Daddy would fix this and You had to make phone calls to bitch out a person that was mean or take my sandwich back to the counter and yell at the waitress because they put yucky pickles on it. i know that i am extra work and exhausting sometimes, but i hope You find it all worth it, when i lay my head on Your chest and whisper, “i have the best Daddy in the world. i feel so safe.”


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3 thoughts on “Why Things Hurt Just A little Bit More”

  1. Lola says:

    This is a great post as you have described how i feel pretty much 99% of the time when i leave the house. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out on dates with Daddy and i have to go to work and do “big person” stuff, but i find the world absolutely terrifying at times, so much so that i feel overwhelmed and although i sometimes stumble though my day, i do get through it and Daddy is always there to reassure and comfort me. The world, generally speaking, feels easier to navigate when i have Daddy beside me and it sounds like i’m not the only one 🙂 x

    1. Daddy Dom says:

      You are definitely NOT the only one 😉

    2. BabyK says:

      Agreed. Every bit of it. You are not alone.

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