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Why Won’t my Daddy Punish me

My Daddy never punishes me!!! I need her to teach me to obey and behave! I just want her to tell me no and follow through when I misbehave….I know I’m not very good at obeying but she needs to punish me when I’ve done wrong, I need it to better myself. ~Stephie’s Kitten

Starting off, i am going to assume that your Daddy is female, so i will do my best to not say him or he. Have you tried talking with your Daddy? Talking openly about what you need and want is very important. She cannot make informed decisions with bad information. That is where i would start. Be open about how you are feeling. That you need it in order to be a better little. That you crave boundaries. In my experience, this is true of most Daddy/little relationships. We have written a few posts about this specific topic that i would suggest you and your Daddy read.

If you have already talked with your Daddy, and She has agreed to punish you and follow through (but isn’t), then it’s time for a different kind of talk. When you are in a BDSM relationship, in order for the dynamic to work, and trust/love/respect to be built, both people need to fully-invest in their roles within the relationship. You can’t be half-in and half-out to fully experience the DD/lg relationship. Whether you are 24/7, or just DD/lg in the bedroom, when it’s time to be a Dom or sub, you are making a commitment. Breaking that commitment causes damage to the core of what you are both trying to build.

If you feel that your Daddy isn’t giving you the Dominance that you need, then you need to talk with Her. Explain that it is hard for you to trust Her to take care of you; especially if She cannot follow through with Her (sometimes difficult) parts of the relationship. Punishment is not always easy for the Daddy or the little. It takes commitment and follow through. It takes strength to be the bad guy when necessary. It takes strength to listen, and take the punishment and not storm out throwing a tantrum.

In my opinion, punishment is a very necessary part of any BDSM relationship. Not all DD/lg couples spank or even cause physical hurt when their little disobeys, but some form of punishment is usually the norm. So talk with your Daddy, and make suggestions together of what you think would be good. Or, play around with a few until you both find what is right. Start off small. Something as simple as having to ask to watch TV, or asking permission to have a snack. If you forget to ask, Daddy will punish you. As punishment becomes more and more a part of your everyday, it will become habit, eventually.

i hope this helps. Please read and share with your Daddy the links i am posting for you. If there are any other questions, or you need more help with this topic, we are here for you. i know it isn’t easy being a little and having to tell your Daddy that They are doing a bad job. you are not being “bad” by wanting more from your Daddy. If anything, it will show your Daddy how much you really want to learn to please Her. If any of our readers have any suggestions for Stephie’s Kitten, please share in the comments! we love hearing what you all have to say! xoxo

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