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Let’s Start Anew

i am sure most of our readers are wondering why we haven’t been writing. No, we haven’t disappeared. No, we haven’t been hiding from you. We are truly officially back! We extend an apology for being MIA, and a promise to continue writing on a regular basis. We have honestly missed writing for all of you, probably as much as you have missed reading new articles. Well get ready, because we have so much we are excited to share with you all!

Life has a funny way of hitting you with everything all at once; instead of a sprinkle here and a dash there. We have been extremely busy with work, family, and a lot of changes in our life. Thankfully we are finally at a point where we can calm things down a bit and do the things we love to do; and not just the things that we “have” to do. Top of the list is writing here at CWOP!

One of the biggest things we’ve let slip (next to not continuing to write through all of the stress) was our lack of prioritizing the D/s and DD/lg part of our life. Not only has it caused hurt, stress, and frustration; it has caused a distance between us, preventing us from growing. With my lack of continual respect and submission, and His lack of consistent discipline and dominance, we have faded from the bright light our relationship once created to a small candle. We are in definite need of a “restart”, as we like to call it. It’s almost like we are beginners again, but with a handful of past knowledge that we just need to start implementing in our daily life.

Luckily, it will all be written out here for everyone to witness and hopefully share your insight, constructive criticism and encouragement. Wish us luck, and we look forward to posting more soon!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Start Anew”

  1. D3's Brat says:

    Glad to have you back!

    1. Daddy's princess says:

      Thank you so much! i am so excited to be writing again. We are about to push a new article live tonight so be on the lookout!

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