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Top 20 things every Daddy Dom should do for His little

We’ve all been there. We get busy with life, and forget that one of our DD/lg duties is to nurture and encourage our special person’s “little side” to come out and play. It’s not all bills and errands; and there are so many things you can do to help bring out the child-like behavior you know and love.

Here are the top 20 things every Daddy Dom should do for his little.

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Even princess’ Get Spanked

Daddy spanked me. It really hurt and it made me so, so mad. i know that Daddy’s biggest pet peeve is when someone interrupts Him, but there were things that i wanted to say too. He just doesn’t understand. It is so hard to stay quiet when you are bursting at the seems with feelings and thoughts. Daddy was yelling at me about being naughty and disrespectful. i didn’t think i was at all. i was just speaking loudly and i guess i was a little bit angry.

Beginners, D/s, DD/lg, Trust & Respect

Tell Daddy A Story, baby girl

If you’re anything like this Daddy, you’ve got a little girl that’s just a bundle of emotions. Sometimes, she doesn’t know what to do with those feelings, and her mind is scattered all over the place. It can be difficult to sort through all of this, and occasionally it’s helpful to write all of that down. Here are some reasons it may be helpful for your little (and yourself) to journal: