A Night To Remember

It felt so thrilling to send your mind and body into a million different scattered places at once last night. With every single thrust of My cock or insertion or twitch of My fingers…you fell deeper and deeper into an abyss of delight. Truly letting go…falling and falling into My chasm of pleasure. your sole purpose was to simply exist. To be. And let your Master fill you, and then drain you. Over and over. Repeatedly. Unending.

I saw you pass out three times. The first time was almost lifeless, where you just lay there barely breathing. The second and third times, you were actually asleep for a few minutes each. While you were passed out, I would lay with you and hold you close as you slept, stroking your hair and tickling your body. Then, just before you would come to, I would slide Myself back into you and start over again. The pleasurable feeling would bring you back, and you would awake to another mind-blowing orgasm bigger than the last. Each time, screaming. you’ve awoken to screaming before, but that was from night terrors. Not like this. This was different.

I then let you rest for a bit. And when you were finally relaxed and panting from the intense feelings you were experiencing (for about 20 minutes), I rested My hand on your dripping wet cunt. No stimulation. Just resting. Simply touching you at all sent you into the biggest orgasm of the night. I spoke a single word (“Mine”) and you completely lost yourself in that moment. I felt your insides protrude outside of your body. your vagina’s inner parts were actually visibly sticking outside of your worn pussy, and I inserted My middle and ring fingers slowly, pressing against your swollen insides.

Everything was so built-up that I could feel your heartbeat inside of your severely abused snatch. I then applied real force, and you came harder than you had ever before. It was an explosion. Not just cum. It was every last drop of your fluids, and you gushed everywhere. I had siphoned off every last piece of you, mind body and soul. The bed and carpet were completely soaked. My hand (and your demolished pussy) were covered in your sweet love juices. There was so much fluid leaving your body that I could have held a 16oz glass below you and filled it nearly to the top. I thought you were going to die from the extreme pleasure you had not yet known. you had experienced the longest and most-powerful orgasm of your life. An orgasm that would last minutes, and not simply end in a few seconds like others in the past.

The feeling would make you cry. There were actual tears of ecstasy rolling down your face. Tears of joy. Tears of pain. Tears of everything else you never thought you could feel. For a while that night…you felt everything. Every emotion. Every hurt. Every pleasure. Every inch of Me inside of you. Every touch over your body. Last night…you journeyed to the edge of reality. I witnessed you jump off the edge, and then brought you back again. Just so you could jump off again and again. Last night, you were out of body. But I couldn’t let you go. I would never let you go. you were (and always will be) “Mine”. Last night…time stopped for you, and you lived between moments.

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One thought on “A Night To Remember”

  1. little bird says:

    This is so, so beautiful.

    My Daddy makes me feel this way too, and it makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. You write beautifully. Those emotions and sensations are hard to describe but you did it gracefully, with sex appeal yet so much love and respect… Really well done. I’m just loving reading all of your articles, both of you!

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