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10 Rules for a Daddy Dom: Punishments

After posting 10 Rules for a Daddy Dom, we got so many questions through the comments and email, that we wanted to write a follow-up post. How does the Daddy stay accountable? What if He breaks the rules? Does He get a punishment? If so, what kind? Daddy and i have been talking about this, and (i think) came up with a great idea. What if the Daddies had to “pay” for their mistakes?

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What do I do with an LDR Un-submissive submissive

To whom it may concern, Hello, I’m a Daddy Dom living very far away from my precious Little. As our relationship goes, things are very good, save for a few things that I just can’t shake. I have a few questions and problems that I’m hoping to have answered and solved. We’ve been together for about a year and a half now, and it’s been an amazing ride for the both of us. Actually, the idea of us being in a DD/LG relationship wasn’t even thinkable until about a month ago. We started following the ideas, and she decided she would like to be my little, and I couldn’t have been happier. I love my Kitten to death, before this kink even found it’s way to us, and I’m very fair and loving and caring. We live very far from one another, across the United States almost entirely. This means that there is no actual contact, which we sort of take care of by by role-playing over text. This also means, my punishments as a Daddy Dom are nearly useless, and my attempts at achieving an actual Domination over her just as useless. I find myself trying to be dominant, and I’m met with tears, anger, or quiet. Sometimes she will even go out of her way to express it by backing away from me via role-play. I feel like a monster, an evil villain, other things like that. My girl is not into spankings, kinky sex, or submitting to my authority. She hates spankings (they aren’t even real for fucks sake) more than anything, and any and all of my punishments are ignored. I feel like a useless Dom serving only to role-play as someone to spoil her, which I did before all of this. My main concern is that I’m just being selfish and cruel, expecting more submissive behavior where none is expected. After all, it’s just text, and that’s what scares me. I wan’t to know what I can do better to make my little feel more like she needs to do as I say over the distance, and not make her hate me. Thank you very much for reading, and if this letter makes very little sense or feels mixed or poorly written, it’s because my emotions are currently getting the better of me and I can barely think as it is. Regards, A Concerned and Unsure Daddy Dom ~ Panther

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How To Be A little

What does it take to be a little? When i read that question i hear “Do I belong?”, and don’t we all want to know that? Everyone wants to feel that they have a place and an identity. A place that they can excel, and be their truest self. Our minds have been shaped through years of self-discovery, pain, joy and love, but deep inside, there is a magnet pulling you to where you truly belong and can become your best you. The freedom you feel once you find it is unparalleled.