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my Favorite Not So “Girly” little Clothing Ideas

Pardon the corny reference. Every little is like a snowflake. we are all unique in our style, dynamic, and so much more. i know i cater a lot to the super-girly littles, since that is my own style; but i am working on helping every little feel included. This article was inspired by Dark Princess Mel! i really hope you all like it, and that it inspires you to be creative with your own style!

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What is my Favorite little Clothing Store

do you have any suggestions of good online clothing stores for little’s? they’re so hard. my daddy and i both have trouble finding them. thank you! 🙂 ~ Tiny Kitten

This is a great question, that i hope our readers can help with. i buy most of my clothing in person, because i like to see it on before i buy it. When i do shop online for clothing, i use Amazon, Etsy, Forever21, and Wish. Other than Etsy, none of these are necessarily “little” clothing stores. i personally love wearing dresses. Short, flowy, summer dresses make me feel so little. Daddy likes to pick out most of my clothing, so when i go shopping, He takes me and has me show Him how it looks before buying it. He calls it His own little fashion show.