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my Favorite Not So “Girly” little Clothing Ideas

Pardon the corny reference. Every little is like a snowflake. we are all unique in our style, dynamic, and so much more. i know i cater a lot to the super-girly littles, since that is my own style; but i am working on helping every little feel included. This article was inspired by Dark Princess Mel! i really hope you all like it, and that it inspires you to be creative with your own style!

Beginners, DD/lg

How To Get Daddy To Give you His Attention

Aside from throwing yourself down at His feet and throwing an all out tantrum, finding ways to get your Daddy Dom’s attention can be difficult in a world that is constantly vying for His attention with smart phones, never ending Netflix, work, and the pressures to be successful in everything. So if not through stomping your feet, how can you get His attention without ending up with a red bottom.

Here is a step by step guide with a list of ideas that may just work!